Monday, 21 May 2012

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Sunday, 6 May 2012

Make Money With Twitter (Unlimitless Cash!)

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As i've said thing i really want for everyone reading this blog is for my members, fans and friends to be able to get that celeb look, brand, lifestyle. One big celeb secret is this...Sponsored Tweeting.

Ever seen your favourite stars like The Kardashians, Snooki, Jennifer Lopez tweeting about a brand they love? They're pretty much getting paid around $10,000 a tweet. 

No overheads, no backlash- Just cash. And now i have the secrets to let you do the same!

I've found the most amazing website that you can find advertisers and the website does everything for you, and the best part- you don't have to pay ANYTHING!

You sign up, the advertisers find you on the website, or are recommended to you via a selection of interests YOU choose when you sign up, and then they write you a link, and if you approve it can be tweeted out for the world to see. Regardless of if it has any clicks- YOU STILL GET PAID! 

You're probably wondering when i'm actually going to give you this very special link, well here it is;

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Hello Everyone

Welcome to my brand new lifestyle blog. You may know me as your favourite celebrity news columnist with my other blog , but i've decided to go down a new path, along with continuing to grow the 'Celebria' brand, and this has brought me to my Brand New, fresh and sexy lifestyle blog.

Aptly named 'Celeb Lifestyle', people on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ often ask me; 'how can I live the life of my favourite celebrity?' -maybe because I write about them everyday. I've made it my new job to show YOU, my wonderful loyal readers, exactly how to do that, without needing a massive budget. All I ask is that you have an Amazon account! Thats all you really need- Amazon is without a doubt the best place to buy, cheap and posts all over the world!

I'll be doing reviews, websites, music, fashion, art and dining, all in one very special place! Not only that, but occasionally i'll throw in a few of my favourite ways to make extra cash (no hard work needed!)

So save me to your faves, and keep coming back for more!

I'm so excited to begin my new journey with you all!

See you on the Celeb side!